Saturday 12 November 2016

Shameless Advertising

We have decided to advertise our little club The SB Tabletop Gamers around the area so I figured why not plaster one of the flyers up here in the great cyber of spaces ......

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And of course another shameless add for the X-Wing tournament I'm running in February.

And a Shout out to Best Coast Pairings who's app and website I'll be using for running the tournament.

Best Coast Pairings

Best Coast Pairings is an awesome app that allows you to run your Swiss round tournament, and will put the pairings on the website live and email your players at the start of each round. You can even set it up so people can pay for event tickets on their site. And after having a quick email conversation they seem like top blokes as well

Shameless advertising done for now.

Until Next Time ..........


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  2. artikelnya sangat bagus, terima kasih telah membagi informasi tersebut