Sunday, 5 July 2015

Age of ............. wait where are the points

The Age of Sigmar is here, the rules have been slashed to four pages doesn't worry me at all, a reset of the lore not a problem, no reactive gameplay I can live with that, no structure; well thats a problem.

I understand that Games Workshop is going a long way to produce games designed for playing socially rather than competitively but I would like some structure to build my force around, even when I drop around to a mates place for a game and a couple of drinks on a Friday night.

I have witnessed a lot of discussion over the last day or so in regards to this and I've seen a number of good ideas and I'm going to present my ideas on a basic structure here in preparation for the Tricksters Blade tournament I run each year. I want to move forward with Age of Sigmar rather than sticking with 8th Edition Fantasy, mainly because I see this year being the final Tricksters Blade if we stick with 8th rather than finding a way to adapt.

Potential Tricksters Blade Framework;

  • Limit of 100 wounds
  • Models that don't have a wounds characteristic listed count as 10 wounds
  • No unit can have more than 30 wounds total. i.e. 10 Chaos Knights @ 3 wounds ea, or 30 Night Goblins @ 1 wound ea.
  • No more than one of any named character. i.e. Karl Franz.
  • The following Keywords showing up no more than 8 times and no single one of the following keywords appearing more than 4 times in a single list; Hero,Wizard, Priest, Monster, War Machine. So Negash would take up 4 being a Hero, Wizard, Priest, & a Monster, and you could not have more than 3 more of each of those keywords in your army.
  • All models in the same unit must be on the same sized and shaped base.
  • Measurements are to be made from the edge of the models base, if measuring between models use the nearest edge to nearest edge.
  • No Sudden Death
  • Kairos and the Screaming Bell can not be selected in the same list
I know that what I have presented here will not keep everyone happy, and I don't think any system ever will. The Tricksters Blade Tournament will be held in October this year and I intend to put out a Players Pack in early August, so your opinions and ideas on the subject of adding some structure to AoS and making Tricksters an awesome weekend will be appreciated.

Until next time ...........
may it not be so long


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mark: Apocalyptic

Last weekend the local club held an Apocalypse game, the first for many of the participants (Okay we are a little slow here in the Bush). Unfortunately I wasn't able to join in having to work on the day, but I was able to drop in and have a chat to the players and take a few photos. The forces of Chaos and their Xeno allies were holed up in a fortress and it was the Imperium's job to break down the walls and stop the forces of destruction opening Warp Gate and engulfing the world in a Daemonic incursion. I'm told that the Imperial forces while able to knock down a couple of walls, they were ultimately unsuccessful at preventing the incursion.

Here are the photo's that I took during the time that I was there, The first group are a little dark. I apologise for that, I had forgotten that I had adjusted the aperture settings on the camera the last time that I had used it.

Wait What?

Yeah it's just a Tank on the roof.

Until next time .......