Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mark: Apocalyptic

Last weekend the local club held an Apocalypse game, the first for many of the participants (Okay we are a little slow here in the Bush). Unfortunately I wasn't able to join in having to work on the day, but I was able to drop in and have a chat to the players and take a few photos. The forces of Chaos and their Xeno allies were holed up in a fortress and it was the Imperium's job to break down the walls and stop the forces of destruction opening Warp Gate and engulfing the world in a Daemonic incursion. I'm told that the Imperial forces while able to knock down a couple of walls, they were ultimately unsuccessful at preventing the incursion.

Here are the photo's that I took during the time that I was there, The first group are a little dark. I apologise for that, I had forgotten that I had adjusted the aperture settings on the camera the last time that I had used it.

Wait What?

Yeah it's just a Tank on the roof.

Until next time .......