Monday, 22 August 2011

Bent over the proverbial ………

Some Gaming

Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to get in a few practice games, none of which ending well for me. I realize now that I have a minor miss calculation in starting off using the Circle of Oboros faction to learn the WarmaHordes game, they are by no means a beginners faction. I have however made my decision and I will be sticking to it.

I have to pass on a big thanks to Trev from The Triple Helix Project who has recently started collecting the Legion of Everblight faction for a couple of great 25pt games over the last fortnight the most recent being a hard fought assassination game that left his caster standing with only a single damage box while mine was unceremoniously destroyed by his Carnivean's breath attack. I also managed a 50pt and 35pt games against some vastly more experienced local players who are hitting the tournament circuit at the moment, while I learned a lot during these games I don't think I am really ready for the larger games yet.

Some Painting

Now when it comes to painting my eclectic nature came to the fore, while I did start on the Tharne Ravagers, I got a little side tracked and painted a few other minatures from the collection. I managed o finish two units of Shifting Stones, a Feralgeist Solo and a Gorax Light War Beast, I have also started on a unit of Tharne Bloodweavers.


 The Gorax was an absolute dream to paint and was done in an afternoon.

Shifting Stones
It's probably a bit cheeky to call the Shifting Stones a completed unit, but they were quick and easy to do and as a lazy painter that really appealed to me.

Test paint job
 These ladies are the Tharn Bloodweavers who I am trying out a technique that is primarily the use of washes over a whit undercoat, so far they don't look too bad.

The Feralgeist
The Feralgeist, while yes being another easy to paint miniature is almot a must have in a hordes force. He is able to possess beasts that have fallen in battle, yours or your opponents do some damage then once the beast has been slain again pop out ready to possess the next.

Some Other Stuff

I have also bee busy assembling some miniatures that I have obtained for a Protectorate of Menoth force that I have recently purchased. I am cheating a bit with these miniatures as a number of the have come pre-painted and the rest will be painted by a local contract painter as part of the deal. While there is some temptation to use these miniatures to learn the game ( it would be a lot easier than using the Circle) I will stick with the circle for now, it's always more satisfying using miniatures you have painted yourself.

I am also in the process of planing a campaign for the local gaming club Kingaroy Wargamers to add a bit of spice to our games of WarmaHordes. I am also being tempted to return to the realms of the 41st millennium and revisit my Warhammer 40,000 collection after a break from the game for almost 2 years, and start the Blood Angles Army I have always wanted (I think I can make a 2500pt army from what I have in my bits box). It may also be worth having a look at the Apocalypse sized Imperial Guard and Eldar army's I have stored in bits at the moment as well. I also have a dragon almost ready to paint for a possible Warhammer Fantasy Storm of Magic game that should be happening soon.

So while I did intend this blog to be a catalog of my exploits of my foray into the Iron Kingdoms with my Circle, it may yet become yet another general wargameing blog, oh well that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Until next time



I just have to add I have recently come across some blogs regarding gamers working with charaties and just felt I needed to give them a bit of a shout out and recognize their good work over at the Realm of Lead Addiction , Blood Ravens Army Project and the Heros of Armageddon . Keep up the good work.

Friday, 5 August 2011

A new day a new challenge

I have recently been challenged to a WarmaHordes Painting Comp. The guidelines are as follows:
  • You must paint all of the miniatures yourself.
  • You need to paint 1 caster, 1 beast/jack, 1 unit and 1 solo.
  • You need to provide evidence that the miniatures you painted were unpainted at the start of the comp.
  • They need to be painted by an upcoming tournament in Brisbane in the not to distant future ( I will update when and where as soon as I have the details)
The miniatures I have chosen are
Feral Warp Wolf
Tharn Ravegers with Cheifton UA (2 more Mini's to come for the full unit)
And a Druid Wilder Solo that should arrive with the extra Ravagers next week.

I have been told that the competition will be judged on one of the many wargameing forums out there but yet again the details have not been provided to me.

I will be providing regular(ish) updates over the next few weeks to make up a bit of a painting diary and subject you to few bits and pieces about my efforts on the table top.

Until next time ..... try and play nice

Well here goes ..........

First a little ditty on why I am subjecting the world to this.  Like so many other Warhammer Fantasy players I have been left a little disillusioned after the release of Warhammar Fantasy 8th Edition and have gone looking for more furtive pastures, and like many others I have been seduced by Privateer Press's Warmachine and Hordes games and miniature lines. That said this blog is not intended to rag on Games Workshop but rather catalog my trials and tribulations as I start fresh with a new rules system and a new Army.

Game System: Hordes

Faction: Circle of Oboros