Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mark:Time to start winning.

Those of you who have been following Project Circle have probably noticed that things have been a little quiet over the last month or so. Truth be told I have been grappling with a couple of issues in the real world. The beginning of August saw me reach my 12 month anniversary of being made redundant and as a result unemployed, this sent my depression/anxiety into overdrive and I ended up in a very dark place. The mother of all panic attacks last weekend prompted me to seek professional help once again, and I'm now on the way back up, swallowing my pride, taking antidepressants, started a new job, and heading back to the shrink. I was initially diagnosed around 3 and a half years ago, and I hadn't realized just how far I'd fallen after some early progress. My intention isn't to burden you with my problems and I normally try to avoid talking about the "real world" here on the blog, but this is something that I needed to get off my chest, and those of you have hung around deserve an explanation in regards to my absence.

OK all done with the serious stuff, I think. For obvious reasons I haven't done a whole lot of hobby related activities over the last couple of weeks but I did manage to get this guy done. He is a little shinny due to the fact that I used the more robust brush on varnish, that isn't quite as matt as it's label suggests so that the paint job will stand up to the rigors of Mordheim and Role Play, as elves with two-hand swords seem to be rather popular with my local players.

I did keep up with running the RP group, not something that I'd recommend while being as depressed as I was. Between putting yourself in the spotlight and the antics of players the nights don't end well, but it did mean that I was socializing which helped even if only a little. As far as the campaign goes the Pirate themed campaign I mentioned a wile ago ended with a TPK, and we have now turned our attention to the Land of Cheliax, a nation ruled by Despots and Devil binders. Running a campaign in an area where people disappear for relatively minor transgressions, with a party that ignores the law and goes out of the way to frustrate the authorities is a challenge. I'm not sure they appreciate just how much attention they have on themselves at the moment, but it should be entertaining over the next couple of sessions.

On the wargaming front I picked up some Infinity miniatures in the form of a little retail therapy, and had my first game last weekend (pre-panic attack) against Jamie from Toy Soldiers, the force that he threw up against me can be found here. I had the most fun I've had rolling the bones in a long time, Jamie as always was an awesome opponent, but the game just seemed to click with me and there is just something about rolling d20's. I'm running Pan Oceania: Military Orders and my 200pt force consists of Gabriele de Fersen and four Magister Knights, 2 with AP CCW, 1 with light shotgun and, 1 armed with a missile launcher (20" scatter FTW). After popping a SAS trooper with a panzerfaust on the first turn and conjuring images of Iron Man's mini rocket from the first movie I was sold. Of course the fact that the final turn of the game came down to our Lieutenant's both ready to fall over at the hint of a strong breeze helped as well. I'll have my revenge on Wallace next time.
Next Time Wallace, Next Time.
Happy Gaming.