Friday, 9 September 2011

So much time so little hobby

As the title suggests I have not done a lot with regards to the man dollies over the last few weeks. I blame my rediscovery of the X-Box the horrible little time waster that it is. (I think I've spent more time on it than I did when I was flood bound in January)

I did manage a game of Warhammer Fantasy against Nathan Goodchild to help him prep for the upcoming Australian Warhammer Masters. The resault was unfortunately a foregone conclusion before we even deployed, he was trying out a list using my Dwarves which left me with my Wood Elves, which just can't stand up to massed flaming/magical artillery.

I have managed to get some conversion and painting done as well, I have an Ogre Butcher of Death converted and mostly painted, ready to be unleashed when my copy of the army book finally turns up (ebay from the states I just couldn't justify AU$69 for the book).
Butcher of Death
Coming up in the next couple of weeks I have a 5000pt multiplayer game of fantasy at our next club meet that I need to get some Dwarves done for. There are a few RP conventions coming to Brisbane in October (AUScon II and Paizo con) that I am going to try and get to so I need to get a couple of character miniatures painted for them. It will be a nice change from DMing, it's been a few years since I have been able to just sit back play and just enjoy myself at the table (not that I don't enjoy DMing, it just takes a lot of work and is a very different experience).