Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Big Nine

So ive finished Strider this week, thats gives me a complete army.
A 9 model army i like to call the Fellowship of the Ring. Weighing in at 795 points its all most unbreakable and doesnt cost many $ to field.

It does have some major flaws though, 9 models only need to take 5 Casualties to lose the game (4 hobbits and a particular human) so you have to be careful.

"I would have followed you into the fires of Mordor"
 I decided to paint him like an ordinary ranger, ive got the Ellessar model to paint yet anyway.

9 Companions
Heres the army together

Watchers of Karna
I also managed to finish some more harad guys

Haradrim Go!

Okay thats it, no more painting for 2 weeks, if im able to ill post some pics from Bangkok next week.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mark: Angles of Death

 I haven’t done great deal since my last post. As far as painting goes I’ve managed to get a couple of Dark Angles that were on my painting table completed, and I have started on my Mareinburg warband.

 On the gaming front I’ve managed to get in a couple games of Mordheim at the club, where my boys from Marienburg got knocked around the table again. In the first I lost convincingly, and while I managed to hang on for a draw in the other, 5 out of the 6 men taken out of action rolled up dead on their respective charts. I managed to get in a game of Lord of the Rings against Travis that I (shock horror) managed to win. There was also my first game of Warma/Hordes in around 6 months, and my first against a Warmachine faction this, unsurprisingly ended up with a loss as well. I now need to go back and work out how to punch through Khador armour with circle. 
Assault Squad Sgt

DA Deathwatch Marine
Until Next time .......


2012 Totals

Miniatures Purchased: 20

Miniatures Gift/Trade: 213

Miniatures Painted: 51

Wood Elf Points: 420

Dark Angels Points: 1270

Circle Points:18

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Travis Smith - Titled

So ive been having troubles with the title recently, after some words with Mark thats all fixed. The Blogs will now be appropriately titled.

I only managed 1 game this week, i played a 400 point game of LotR with Mark. I rocked an alliance of Uruk Hai and Goblins with a Mordor Troll tagged along. Mark was using Warriors of Minas Tirith led by the fearless Faramir. I wont go into anymore details cause i believe Marks wants to post/brag about the game...

So here are some Photos of my painting this week. I have started work on my evil force heres the painted Harad stuff so far. A Hasharin and some Harad bowmen.

Im a Knife, Im a Knife... Cut,Cut,Cut,Cut

Haradrim Warband

2 More members of the fellowship - which leaves only the big guy himself (and some goblins)

"If you would but lend me the Ring..."

"Though... I do not know the way"
That will have to do for now hopefully i can finish up the fellowship before i head of overseas for holidays - we'll see.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

LOTR SBG - Travis Smith

For those of you who know the above abbreviation, well done. The LotR is obvious but SBG? well its Strategy Battle Game. Its what the non-War of the Ring game is called the skirmish base one. The one with the good rules.

So I've really fallen head first into this new LotR stuff, i got the new sourcebooks and I've been furiously planning armies and scouring eBay for good deals. I have my sights set high i want huge armies focused on Pelennor Fields. Im looking at about 4500 points good and 4500 points evil. Although with the new rules Good vs Evil is not the only way to play the game. But this will give me a few 1500 point armies to pick from.

So I started with Rohan last week, made a warband with Merry and 12 Archers which turned out to be illegal so i had to make a new Hero to lead my Archers. I decided on a simple Rohan Captain on a Horse. He doesnt need to hang around the Outriders and as long as i deploy carefully can get him near Gamling quick enough.
It was going to be Hama but Hama is really crappy, So i'm just using the old Hama model as the Captain and converted a mounted version of him. (by cutting of an old Gamlings head).

I dont even have a name badge how an i going to survive?
My Rohan "Army"

And to follow the Blog along i have painted 2 more members of my Fellowship

"I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise"

"At least once more, Miss Swann, as always."
Last week i posted a picture of my Coat-of-Arms. I have converted and started with a model to bear such an honoured crest. Here are some shots of the Crest and the WIP of my Horse.

I call her Epona :)
Okay thats all for now, bye bye....

Mark: Its an Elemental my dear Watson

Earth Elemental
Yet another week with not a lot of time spent painting, but I did manage to get this guy from Rakham's Confrontation line ready for my Pathfinder RPG Campaign. I was hoping to show some WIP shots of my Baneblade that I'm painting up for ANZ Wargaming's March challenge but I ran out of paint while base coating the behemoth, (miniature just doesn't seem to be the right word for it) and I probably won't be anywhere near my LGS during business hours any time soon to pick any up.

In the spirit of trying to avoid burnout this year I decided to mix things up a little and have a game of 40k instead of Mordheim. It was a thoroughly enjoyable 1750pt game, I ran my trusty Dark Angels against a Khárn/Lash mechanized list. We rolled up spearhead and kill points and in the end finished up with a 9kp to 5 result, which as cliche as it sounds was not indicative of how closely fought the game was. 3 of his 9 kp's came in the last turn (yes I lost again) and of the 16 or so penetrating hits I managed to score against his armoured units I only manged 6 results other than crew stunned, 4 weapon destroyed all on different vehicles, 1 immobilized and 1 destroyed. Despite the fact that I couldn't destroy anything, it did mean that his lead tanks spent most of the game stunned, and caused a hellish traffic jam in his deployment zone. Because of this he couldn't get any of his vehicles out of his deployment zone until turn 4 or 5 and was unable to make the most of his 2 vindicators and lash which would have made things a very one sided affair.

Over the next couple of weeks I should get a solid start painting my Marienburg warband for Mordheim,  a couple of things done to push the Dark Angles a bit closer to the goal of 1750 points painted and with a bit of luck I may be able to get the Baneblade done by the end of the month for the ANZ challenge. I've also decided that it's time to start using greenstuff for more than just gap filling, and I'm looking to start putting together some miniatures that are truly unique rather than just basic kit bashes to add some flavour to my army's.

Until next time .......


2012 Totals

Miniatures Purchased: 20

Miniatures Gift/Trade: 213

Miniatures Painted: 49

Wood Elf Points: 420

Dark Angels Points: 1245

Circle Points:18

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Action-less Week - Travis Smith

After a slew of games played recently i have had a very lonely week this week, I have not played anything since over a week ago. So i should have heaps of painting to show? Right?

Unfortunately I only got a few things done, im keen to get more LotR done but im waiting on the 5 new sourcebooks, any day now. I find myself listening for the postman.

Once i have the books i'll be able to properly plan some armies. I have a rough idea but who knows maybe there's something i didn't know.

I did get my first LotR warband painted and ready for battle though (I'm fairly confident that this one will be the same).

The "Merry" Men
Notice how Merry leads these men into battle. You need a Hero for every 12 warriors. Merry is the cheapest Rohan hero and he is actually better in a fight then the Rohan Archers.

I got 2 other models done, My fellowship is coming closer to being done (but i will need to paint some bad guys, thinking wargs - better order a Gothmog).

"and my Axe!"

"You need people of intelligence"

Here's something different, back at Christmas my wife bought me a Coat-of-Arms with my family crest. I love it so much that i want to paint it onto a converted Bretonnian model.This is a picture of the Coat-of-Arms now to get it down to a 8mm shield (i hope i can)

Okay see you around hopefully I'll have started my Bretonnian, but its a big weekend out here in South Burnet, some kind of party in the park

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mark: Emissary of Darkness

I've managed to work through my painting blues over the weekend and get a little paint onto a miniature. The Dark Emissary I'll be using as a Warlock in games of Mordheim is now finished, and with this sense of completion  there may be a few more painted miniatures on the way.

Until next time .......


2012 Totals

Miniatures Purchased: 20

Miniatures Gift/Trade: 201

Miniatures Painted: 48

Wood Elf Points: 420

Dark Angels Points: 1245

Circle Points:18