Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Action-less Week - Travis Smith

After a slew of games played recently i have had a very lonely week this week, I have not played anything since over a week ago. So i should have heaps of painting to show? Right?

Unfortunately I only got a few things done, im keen to get more LotR done but im waiting on the 5 new sourcebooks, any day now. I find myself listening for the postman.

Once i have the books i'll be able to properly plan some armies. I have a rough idea but who knows maybe there's something i didn't know.

I did get my first LotR warband painted and ready for battle though (I'm fairly confident that this one will be the same).

The "Merry" Men
Notice how Merry leads these men into battle. You need a Hero for every 12 warriors. Merry is the cheapest Rohan hero and he is actually better in a fight then the Rohan Archers.

I got 2 other models done, My fellowship is coming closer to being done (but i will need to paint some bad guys, thinking wargs - better order a Gothmog).

"and my Axe!"

"You need people of intelligence"

Here's something different, back at Christmas my wife bought me a Coat-of-Arms with my family crest. I love it so much that i want to paint it onto a converted Bretonnian model.This is a picture of the Coat-of-Arms now to get it down to a 8mm shield (i hope i can)

Okay see you around hopefully I'll have started my Bretonnian, but its a big weekend out here in South Burnet, some kind of party in the park


  1. Hmm turns out i was wrong about that warband, Merry is an independent Hero he doesn't get a warband. Turns out Rohan Archers are rubbish no anyway (ill just use em as Outriders on foot)

    1. Oh well, these things happen. With a little luck I will have some White Hand to throw against them in the near future.

  2. Rohan Warrior - 6 points +1 for Bow
    Outrider - 7 points (comes with bow)

    Rohan Warrior 3/4+ 3 4 1 1 3
    Rohan Outrider 3/3+ 3 4 1 1 4

    Also Outrider can use a Hero's Steadfast from anywhere

    I think its safe to assume that every LotR player will have Outriders instead of Rohan Archers