Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Big Nine

So ive finished Strider this week, thats gives me a complete army.
A 9 model army i like to call the Fellowship of the Ring. Weighing in at 795 points its all most unbreakable and doesnt cost many $ to field.

It does have some major flaws though, 9 models only need to take 5 Casualties to lose the game (4 hobbits and a particular human) so you have to be careful.

"I would have followed you into the fires of Mordor"
 I decided to paint him like an ordinary ranger, ive got the Ellessar model to paint yet anyway.

9 Companions
Heres the army together

Watchers of Karna
I also managed to finish some more harad guys

Haradrim Go!

Okay thats it, no more painting for 2 weeks, if im able to ill post some pics from Bangkok next week.

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