Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mark: Angles of Death

 I haven’t done great deal since my last post. As far as painting goes I’ve managed to get a couple of Dark Angles that were on my painting table completed, and I have started on my Mareinburg warband.

 On the gaming front I’ve managed to get in a couple games of Mordheim at the club, where my boys from Marienburg got knocked around the table again. In the first I lost convincingly, and while I managed to hang on for a draw in the other, 5 out of the 6 men taken out of action rolled up dead on their respective charts. I managed to get in a game of Lord of the Rings against Travis that I (shock horror) managed to win. There was also my first game of Warma/Hordes in around 6 months, and my first against a Warmachine faction this, unsurprisingly ended up with a loss as well. I now need to go back and work out how to punch through Khador armour with circle. 
Assault Squad Sgt

DA Deathwatch Marine
Until Next time .......


2012 Totals

Miniatures Purchased: 20

Miniatures Gift/Trade: 213

Miniatures Painted: 51

Wood Elf Points: 420

Dark Angels Points: 1270

Circle Points:18


  1. Get those Mordheim Elves out

    1. I'm in the process of repairing them, after dropping the tray I was carrying them on after undercoating.