Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mark: Illness, Injury, Reminisance, and Insperation

Over the course of the last couple of weeks things really havn't gone acording to plan. After spending a night playing Pathfinder Role Play with a couple of friends who were a little under the weather and I ended up contracting whatever vile contagen they were carrying. I knew that it was a risk but, I didn't have the heart to ask them to leave it's a 50km drive to my place for them.

After recovering from my malady, the owners of the house I'm renting decided to replace the front fence, that was to be honest being held up by little more than the front garden. And being the nice chap that I am, I offered to help, ignoring the fact that I had injured myself earlier that day and started digging holes for the new fence posts, blessedly the timber delivery was a day late and it gave my a day to recuperate before aggravating the injury concreting the new posts into the ground, and so on and so forth until the fence was finished. And of course being the proud (or stupid) Australian man that I am, I didn't make a single mention of my injury the entire time. Of course slamming my finger in the door so hard that the corner of the door actually cut my finger wasn't an enjoyable experience either.
Sometimes I  think I make Odie look smart.
And so ends my long winded and slightly depressing reason as to why I haven't been posing and painting progress reports recently and why I missed what should have been Project Ultramarines #3 last weekend.

But it wasn't all misery and pain though, because of the fact that frustration reduces my attention span to that of an ADHD goldfish I found myself going through all manner things I haven't been through for some time (some boxes should never be opened) which led me to the big brown box of books, so named because it's a big brown box filled with all of the Rule, Source and Army books from 4th through 6th edition Warhammer. This took me on a lovely trip down memory lane, bring back memories of my poor wood elves being torn apart by 10+ attack Chaos Lords on Chaos Dragons, and nigh unkillable 1000pt Slann Mage Lords, come to think of it those Slann's all had multiple ward saves was that even legal.

The real gem's were at the bottom of the box, one each of the four original mono god volumes of Liber Chaotica. These were given to me by a friend shortly before I moved and I completely forgot that I had them. I've always wanted to build a Chaos Army for 40k but I've struggled to find direction, there are just so many diverse themes that to choose from that I've never been able to settle on any. But after flicking through the Liber Chaotica's and reading this post from Do You Have A Flag? I think that I have found some direction. It's all still just a mess of Idea's at the moment but it will be centered around a group of Fallen Angles, which will work nicely with my Dark Angles thematically.

My first project for the army will be to make a Defiler using the hull of a Leman Russ as a starting point and have it come out some where between this Khorne engine of destruction sketch from Leiber Chaotica (to the left) and an AT-TE walker from Star Wars: Clone Wars. (below Left)

Now before I finish I want to bring your attention to Montie Cook's A+ Campaign. I'll be joining in and trying to make the internet a nicer place to play, at least for the month of August.

Until next time .......