Sunday, 30 October 2016

A New Circle

Hi Everyone, welcome to the all new Project Circle. Over the last few years my gaming interests have had a bit of a shift along with not having a dedicated space for painting and modelling (something I want to change) has meant I haven't had any content to post. I have however missed posting and I've decided to make a bit of a change and broaden the scope of what I write about here.

I'm currently running a Pathfinder RPG Campaign and playing in a D&D 5th Ed Campaign, and while I'm not a fan of writing campaign journals the occasional amusing anecdote will find their way here. Things like Rat Man PC's being eaten by Giant Frogs, and bar fights caused by really bad slight of hand roll induced games of grab arse.

I've recently taken the mantle of Fantasy Flight Games and Privateer Press games representative for the SB Tabletop Gaming Club, so I'm keen to see in an upswing in the number of games I'm playing particularly in the forms of Warmachine and X-Wing. I'm looking forward to the challenge of leading the charge for these two company's games. I already have an X-Wing tournament planned for February next year, and I'm real keen to get my hands on the new tournament packs that are being released next year, unfortunately this isn't a done deal yet but I'm hopeful. A small table designed for demo games of X-Wing is also in the works. There are a few things I want to sort out for Warmachine and the huge number of boardgames both company's produce. At the moment the club has more support for X-Wing so that's where my efforts will be focused for the time being, It's also nice to have a firm idea where to start and FFG has a lot of material available for tournaments, leagues and demo's available on their website

Of course this all relies on the fact I won't be spending all of my time playing Skyrim now the Special Edition has come out

See You Next Time