Saturday, 3 November 2012

My hobby mojo ........ IT'S BACK!!!

As the title suggests my desire to build, paint, and play is back after a bit of an extended hiatus. Over the last fortnight we have started playing a 6e City Fight campaign at the local club, and it's really kickstarted my love for the hobby, the new Chaos Codex may have had something to do with it as well.

With the campaign starting off at only 750pts, I decided to start a new army. The new Release of the new Chaos Codex made the choice easy, I've been toying with the idea of starting a Chaos army for a couple of years, and this seemed like the perfect time to start one. While I like to win as much as the next gamer, at the moment I'm not overly concerned with the overall combat effectiveness of the army and it will be growing naturally over the course of the campaign as I build a narrative around the events that play out on the battlefield and across the city of Vogen as a whole.
The way things stand at the moment my Khorneate warband is lead by a hulking brute in Terminator Armour that just happens to be an expert on all things stealthy, having rolled up the Master of Deception Warlord Trait, we had the option of keeping our initial trait across the campaign if we stuck with the same force. The way the campaign is being run it is allowing me to run this initial force as a harrying force, impeding the movement of the forces of Order and causing mayhem behind enemy lines, and then allowing me to try out a couple of different lists, as the forces of Destruction try and batter the city into submission.

Some of the players in the campaign have been writing some short stories around the exploits of their forces and posting them up on the clubs forum, the work by Tyranidlord are well worth a read.

So, now onto the painting;

I got keen the other evening and built and mostly painted this little guy in a single sitting, probably not my brightest moment as I hadn't done a test mini for the colour scheme yet, but he seems to have come out okay. He will be my Kharn counts as, he needs to be something special with an axe that big.
Counts as Kharn
I've started converting a squad of Obliterators as well, while I quite like the current miniatures I just can't justify the AU$83 for the fine cast box at the moment, and hey mine will have a nice cartoony charm.
Obliterators WIP 1
Until next time (which will hopefully be soon) .......