Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Travis Smith - Titled

So ive been having troubles with the title recently, after some words with Mark thats all fixed. The Blogs will now be appropriately titled.

I only managed 1 game this week, i played a 400 point game of LotR with Mark. I rocked an alliance of Uruk Hai and Goblins with a Mordor Troll tagged along. Mark was using Warriors of Minas Tirith led by the fearless Faramir. I wont go into anymore details cause i believe Marks wants to post/brag about the game...

So here are some Photos of my painting this week. I have started work on my evil force heres the painted Harad stuff so far. A Hasharin and some Harad bowmen.

Im a Knife, Im a Knife... Cut,Cut,Cut,Cut

Haradrim Warband

2 More members of the fellowship - which leaves only the big guy himself (and some goblins)

"If you would but lend me the Ring..."

"Though... I do not know the way"
That will have to do for now hopefully i can finish up the fellowship before i head of overseas for holidays - we'll see.

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