Friday, 6 April 2012

Mark: AOBR Terminators #1

I'm going to be running a small Kill Team event in the near future for my local club and I need to play test some missions that I've put together for it but couldn't come up with anything out of the Dark Angles codex that fit to the 200pt limit, so I've decided to use the AOBR Terminator squad that's been kicking around my bits box for a while now. I've taken the opportunity to try my hand at sculpting a couple of extra details onto them because I found them a bit boring straight out of the box, and I've been looking for a canvas to learn how to sculpt onto that I don't have an emotional attachment to, so I'm not overly worried if the results come out a little sub-par. So the lords of all things vanilla sorry I mean Macragge will grace the table for a couple of practice rounds.

I haven't tried any sculpting up until now on any of my conversions, I've just found the idea a little bit daunting, but once I got started I found it a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Each of the U's on the shoulder pads is a little different, that's due to the fact I was experimenting with a couple of different tools and methods. I'd like to give a shout out to Garfy at Tale of Painters for his tutorial on sculpting U's and Ron at From the Warp for his tutorial on how to sculpt scrollwork, they were a great help.

Beyond sculpting U's I've been busy putting together a mission pack for the club's Kill Team event and the players pack for this years Fantasy Tournament has been started. I've also had the opportunity to have a chat to our neighboring (only in Australia could we call 150km an neighborly distance) gaming clubs secretary about our clubs supporting each other, so we should have Kingaroy Wargamers and The Darling Downs Gamers Club Inc getting together for all things gamery (is that a real word) in the not too distant future. I also managed a couple of games of Mordheim last weekend and walked away with a pair of wins. The boys from Marienburg acquitted them selves nicely, they probably deserve a paint job now.

A nice little package came in today's mail, the power cable sample set and ammo belts I ordered from DragonForge a couple of weeks ago turned up. I'll just add that it's not DragonForge's fault for the long delivery time I just happen to live in Australia so it takes 21 to 28 days for packages to arrive from anywhere else in the world.

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