Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mark: AOBR Terminators #2

Over the course of the glorious long weekend I've managed to put a bit of paint onto the AOBR terminators, and before I go any further I just have to say "I HATE painting white". I've always avoided white in the past because of its bad reputation, that I have to say is well deserved.

OK tantrum over on with the rest of the blog.

The biggest issue with the white has been trying to get some depth into the helmets, in the end I've put a wash of 7 parts water to 1 part Badab Black over solid white, then line highlighted and layered Skull White onto different parts of the helmet, and it's come out looking half decent. As far as the rest of the colours are concerned I have pretty much everything else base coated and shaded, I've added the first layer of highlights to the Storm Bolters but I'm not completely sold on the black and I may end up going with the classic red, and I'm yet to decide if I'll paint the chest emblem and decorations gold or bone at this stage.

As far as gaming goes; I managed to get the missions I'm putting together for the club's Kill Team challenge play tested, they all came through quite well. They're all based on missions out of the Privateer Press Steamroller Tournament Pack, which to Privateer Presses credit are done very well. I can see some of the players who haven't had much exposure to Warmachine having a little difficulty getting their head around the whole I score points every turn holding the objective, rather than the more traditional (for 40k at least) sweep in at the end and take the objective structure of the missions. They have 6 weeks before the event so they have plenty of time to get their heads around the idea.

Of the four games I managed to get on Sunday I walked away with three wins and an ass whooping. All of the wins came from Trev over at Triple Helix, who to be fair had some shocking luck where by whenever he utilized a weapon with the "Get's Hot" special rule he removed one of his own miniatures rather than one of mine much to his disgust. The ass whooping came from Jamie over at Toy Soldiers, I take full responsibility for loosing this one, after taking a couple of his Harlequins out early with shooting I got a little over confident, closed in for the kill and was then promptly shown just how easy it is for Harlequins to tear apart Terminators in combat.

For those of you who are interested in such things, the mission pack I cobbled together can be found here.

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