Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Travis: (Insert Witty Pirate Pun)

Greetings all, for those who undertake/undertook further education can probably understand when i say i haven't had much time for painting this week. My education demands have become quite heavy and i didn't get much painting done.

Since i started the blog, i vowed i would paint at least 1 LoTR model a week, and knowing i would be busy i did just that.
The Fallen Realms book allow you to take 50% bows in the Harad and Umbar list as long as your warriors are limited to the Harad stuff. The rule is called "The Scorpion Sting". Here is my first Haradrim raider painted in the Greens of my "Scorpion Sting Army".

Got Spear, Go Fight

I decided im going to keep all their horses dark and when i paint Suladan he will have a white horse. So people know who to shoot at.

Following my first game of Mordheim using Pirates i thought i would share the models that i used to undertake this game. Unfortunately due to unreliable shooting the Marienburgsmen (or Marienburgers) overwhelmed my scurvy blighters and the Pirates fled at the loss of their Captain.

Here are the shots of my "Noble" pirate crew, who sail under the Jolly Roger of Captain Luigi Vampa, a Smuggler and a Thief. The Captain himself, armed with. Pistols, a Cutlass, Buckler, Peg Leg and Parrot. He commands the crew with his swords edge and promise of gold.
"Ever considered a life of Piracy?"

 This is Fareon, Luigi's First Mate, he knows where to look for valuables. Responsible for navigating the Black Shard. A decent shot with a Crossbow and carries a pair of Hammers.
My Compass indicates we're nowhere near water"

Satara, a fiercely powerful and loyal man. Washed upon the banks of the river Reik. Not sure of his heritage he encounters Luigi and his crew and has been a Pirate ever since. Not much of a talker or thinker, but very handy with a heavy object.
He's allowed the anchor as long as he puts it back

 Young Frederick, a Cabin Boy aboard the ship. Luigi had an undecipherable (except to Luigi) treasure map pinned to his back. So that Luigi didn't need to carry it.
The Map Boy

This is Hugo, he escaped the noose because the Rope was an old fenced rope found in the markets. Hugo was being hung for womanising and murder. Once Luigi found him, he offered him a job. Hugo keeps the Noose as sign of good fortune.
The Womaniser Hugo, always good for a laugh

Aktara is the deadliest man on the Ship, he is the ships gunner and to be honest a little unhinged. Aktara carries a Swivel gun into combat and can often be seen climbing buildings to get a good vantage point.  The others steer clear of him because the Swivel gun attracts a lot of attention.
36" Strength 5 Armour Piercing Death

 Gerhart is an old soldier who took to drinking and rage, two qualities almost a necessity for a Pirate. Luigi loves a good drinker. It doesn't help his archery skills any, but claims he was once a Reikland Marksman so the crew let him try.
Rarrgh my bottle is empty!

The Valiant, Noble and Resplendent Crew of the Black Shard.

I still want to do some more work on my Pirates i need quite a few more models, but im trying to fill every member with a bit of character even the not so important ones. And once the crew is complete i may even make the Black Shard to display them in.

Apart from that i have started building a Shelob, working on a few more Pirates. And an Essay on Dysfunctional Conflict in the workplace...

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