Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back to Work

So for the last 2 weeks I've been in Thailand, it was an amazing holiday. Bangkok is truly great. Its so full on but i couldn't find a Warhammer place anywhere. Everything is so cheap but Warhammer in Bangkok is priced by Australia so i guess no one sells it there.

In Phuket

I didnt manage to do any painting there but i did do some before i left and finished off a few models since i got back.

Firstly here is a fancy Deagostini Base for my Fellowship, i did it more brown then it probably should be but that's so my bases tie in with both the display and the rest of my armies (except Gimli).

The Base
As it was
As it should have been

I also managed to finish my next Rohan warband, the army still isnt legal but its getting there.

I went with Eowyn, 4 Royal Guard, 8 Warriors of Rohan

Another bunch of Rohan guys without horses
So that makes my Painted Rohan Army 327 points

Also i have all the tools to defeat the Witch-King

Next on the list is some more Haradrim, i picked up Suladan and some Raiders (uggh horses). Hopefully i can get them done quickly.

Until next time, thanks for reading

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