Friday, 4 May 2012

Mark: Arrrrr......

Picture from Paizo
 I've picked up and started running the first part of the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path (AP) the Wormwood Mutiny for Pathfinder RPG by Paizo, so there hasn't been a whole lot of painting being done of late. The AP has a great premise with the characters waking up, stripped of their gear, and press ganged into service on a pirate ship under a brutal captain, but after running the first session it became apparent that the first section of the AP, while well balanced and makes sure the spotlight is shared amongst all of the player characters,  it is very monotonous and quickly becomes rather boring. I've re hashed a couple of things and I'm going to allow players to take 10 on most tasks which should speed things up and reduce the likelihood of  them being whipped by the first mate for not completing their allotted tasks something that can very quickly kill a character.

I don't want to give any spoilers of what's to come for my players but Richard Pett has lived up to his reputation of a man who writes brutal modules, and I can see a lot of places where a party wipe will be all too easy if I'm not careful in how I run things, it does have a cool story though.

I was planning on assembling/converting all of the NPC's and creatures but after realizing that there were just shy of 100 of them I decided to go with the paper mini's from Paizo. They don't have the same feel as a metal or plastic mini, but they are a lot cheaper and, the artwork is far and away better than I have seen on their paper mini's in the past. I did however manage to one Pirate done before I went with the Paper versions.
The Paper Cut Pirates ( yeah they're that mean)
As far as gaming on the table top goes I've had a couple games of Mordheim, where nothing really exciting happened until the last game where we played Ambush from the '02 annual, there were 6 players, Having the highest warband rating I deployed in the center of the table and the objective was for the other 5 players to steal the wyrdstone my hero's were carrying. At the end of the game I had 2 miniatures left on the table, a crossbowman that was a couple of levels up and therefor difficult to get to and my Warlock that I had hidden out of the way so he didn't get singled out, apparently people aren't fans of fireballs and flaming swords, I really don't know what the problem is. I was lucky and only lost 1 miniature in the post game working out of injuries. It was a champion so it does sting a little but I have enough cash to replace him. I also had a game of Fantasy against Travis last week, I really need to find a way around the Super Slann with the lore of life, T7 Saurus and, Regenerating Temple Guard really are hard to dent.

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  1. Fellow Pathfinder GM/Warhammer player here.

    I've been struggling on what to use for tokens as well. What did the paper cut-outs look like printed on a sheet. Are they double-sided? How about hooking a brother up with a file link?

    1. The cut outs are double sided with a mirror image on the back.

      The layout seems to change depending on the artist, but for the pirates it's 12 medium or small creatures to a page, the front and back images are separated by a fold line, with a tab for the top of the base under each picture, there are separate bases to then stick them onto for added stability.

      I printed them onto 210g card stock but they should work printed onto normal 90g photo copy paper.

      I hope this helps, I know the description is a little messy.