Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mark: Kill Team Run and Done

On Sunday I ran a Kill Team Tournament for the local gaming club, everyone involved seemed to having a lot fun. With only 6 competitors we were able to keep things very casual and all of the games were played in high spirits. There were 5 games played using scenarios borrowed from the WarmaHordes Steamroller package, so it looked like each of the players was going to get a game against each of the others. But it seams that it's possible to mess the pairings of the first couple of games up and require a couple of people to have rematches, I'm sincerely thankful that we had such a understanding group of players and I apologize again to those players that were effected.

We rounded out the day with James Williams taking top spot with Tyranids, or the Doom of Malan'tai and Friends, second place was taken by Daniel Stark (Starky) with an exquisitely painted Khorne Daemons and, Anthony Illett rounded out the placings using my AOBR Terminators. Congratulations guys.

I only wish I remembered to take some photos through the day, all I have to show you is a picture of the swag I donated as prizes. I'll be catching up with Starky through the week and I'm going to try and get hold of some photo's of his daemons.

The next event I'll be running will be our annual Tricksters Blade Warhammer Fantasy Tournament, the date should be finalized after we finalize the club incorporation.

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