Saturday, 19 November 2011

Wow ........ a finished squad

As the title suggests I have managed to finish a whole squad, and their transport too. I have to say that I'm not known for doing that sort of thing, I must be sick or something.
IG Veteran Squad 1
While it is difficult to see I have done some work on the Chimera since I posted a pic a few weeks ago, mainly some shading, highlighting and a little detail work.
I was hoping to get a bit more done but I have been dealing with a bit of  a painful affliction over the last week and a half which has left me not wanting to do much in the way of painting and blogging (Gout is not my friend). I have however done some work on some campaign and tournament packs for early next year, here are the details for a Warmachine/Hordes campaign we will be running once our current Fantasy campaign has run it's course (there may be some minor alterations made and I will be adding some scenarios soon). And people have been asking me to run a 40k tournament in December / January for a while now so that UNI students can join in the fun while they are on their main holiday break of the year. I should have the players pack finalized and a hall booked within the week if all goes according to plan, which if history has anything to say it's not going to happen

Dishonorable Mention

After my last game in the local Warhammer Fantasy campaign I promised my opponent the Mr Nathan "Chopper" Goodchild that I would make mention of the wondrous Lord Tyrant Hitch My Skirt Up And Run Like A Little Girl, the leader of the Bloodmaw Tribe. Who after skillfully dispatching a Grave Guard Champion fled a total of 32" in three turns to lead the charge back to camp while my Slaughtermaster managed to destroy Ghouls, Vampires and Skeletons  without breaking a sweat on the other side of the board. 8 strength 7 weapon skill 10 attacks will tend to do that.
Lord Tyrant Hitch My Skirt Up And Run Like A Little Girl (not painted by me)
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