Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Little Distraction

I have become a little distracted of late when it comes to the hobby especially with the thought of needing to move for work. I really haven't wanted to start anything new but it doesn't look like that is going to happen so back to it.

I have been working solidly on some campaign markers for Trev's Norsca in Flames Campaign. While I only really needed to get a marker done for myself some of our club members are not known for their dedication to the hobby, so I did some for them and then some extras just in case. Here are the first nine, there are a few more still on my painting bench that I need to finish.

The Ogre Cave is the marker for my own capital and the others are fore whomever needs them. Sadly six of the seven players partaking in the campaign have ended up using one these markers.

I have also managed to get a start on my Ironblaster for the Ogres here is a WIP pic of the Rhinox, I'm quite happy with the way it is looking at the moment.
Until Next Time



  1. Dude, the new site is awesome just so you know :-). i have to say, I love those map icons you've made for the campaign, they are absolutely tops.

  2. @Trev. Thanks Mate, I should have a few army icons ready for our next meet