Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Technical Glitch

I have been busy on a few projects over the last couple of weeks, I have almost completed the Imperial Guard squad I started in my previous blog, I have a solid start on a couple of Ogre projects to get my army ready for an upcoming campaign run by Trev over at Triple Helix and I have managed to get some work done on my Circle of Oboros. Pictures of these projects will be posted as soon as I have a new lamp for my light box. I did however, manage to get some pictures of a couple of miniatures finished for my role play collection.

Ettin from Reaper's P-65 Range
More Goblins from Reaper's Pathfinder Range
A set of Lizards from an old GW Swarm
Things have been put on hold in regards to the 40k tournament, I may be moving for work in the next couple of weeks. While it is an exciting time it has come up rather suddenly and has put a hold on a number of plans I had for the local club Kingaroy Wargamers and well life in general.

Until next time


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