Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Quick Roundup

After sitting here for more than a week with a serious case of writers block I have decided to just throw up a few pictures of what I have been doing over the past couple of weeks. I have a solid start to an Ogre Blood Bowl team done along with a few miniatures I need to run the We Be Goblins Free RPG day module from Paizo Publing, which should be a lot of fun with everyone playing as Goblins. I also have a Half Orc Rogue in there that I started some time ago that I finely finished.
The Front Line

The goblins most feared enemy


Half Org Rogue

The Goblins other most feared enemy

And another one just for fun

Giant Spiders
I have a few more goblins to paint along with an Ettin that I would like to finish before my next blog post, I am having trouble settling on one war gaming project long enough to get anything finished, but now that Trev from The Triple Helix Project has kindly volunteered to run a Warhammer Fantasy campaign at the local club so I may get a few things for my Ogre Kingdoms army done.

Until next time


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