Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Friday Night at Home

Now what does someone do when they are not out slurring their words with mates on a Friday night, they paint a test model - that's what they do. I think I started my imperial guard army around the release of the current codex. I had a Chimera laying around purchased for one reason or another, most likely because it was shiny and I didn't already have one (come on we've all done this at some stage) and decided to add an army to it. I spent a few hundred dollars on miniatures and then sat them in the corner to gather dust as I went on to other projects. Fast forward to today and "ta da" - a painted miniature.

IG Test Mini

 I have discovered that I am still having trouble with the eyes, but with another 50 or so miniatures left to go I should have them about right by the end of the project.

The Inspiration

With a little work the Chimera will be ready for the table all I need then is a squad to go in it, and the rest of the army of course.

With plans under way for a 40k tournament early next year sometime around late January or early February I would like to have a playable force finished before then. While I will be the T.O. and therefore unable to compete on the day it would be nice to have a painted army for the practice games with the local attendees in the lead up. Details will be made available in the coming weeks as dates and venues are finalized. 

Until next time



  1. Hey mate, loving the Chimera, I don't think I've seen it before :). Man, your IG are coming along so well, if you keep it up you'll have a fully painted 750 point army in no time. Just with I could get the same amount of progress made on my Salamanders.

  2. @Trev. Thanks mate, I painted the chimera a few years ago before we changed Wednesday Night Painting venues. It is a bit bland at the moment but with a little shading and weathering it should come out reasonably good.