Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Plesant Suprise

While tearing open gifts under the tree this morning I was, well surprised and delighted to find a double action airbrush in hand. I have been toying with the idea of trying out painting with an airbrush for a while now but haven't been in the position to sink the money into a brush and compressor. The compressor is not yet in my possession, (curse you rural Queensland with your lack of local suppliers) but one is apparently on the way.

Now I am of the understanding that GW's paints are not really up to the task of airbrushing, if anyone who has experience with airbrushing could point me in the direction of a line of paints and thinners I would be greatly appreciative.

I hope all your Christmas's were as awesome as mine.

Until next time .........



  1. Seriously! I have been interested in trying my hand at airbrushing as well. I wish you the best with it. I am sure that you will figure it all out quickly.

  2. @Trev ;P

    @Feldmarshal Goehring I'll be posting what I learn and I'm sure a few fun and possibly embarrassing pic's