Tuesday, 27 December 2011

These Smurfs are Epic

 I have been cleaning out my back room over this holiday period in order to and came across my Epic Space Marines, I was given these a few years ago after helping out a friend. I can't claim to have painted the tanks in the pictures above. I'm told that they were painted by Dave Taylor while he was editor of White Dwarf Australia, my friend was working in the GW warehouse at the time so it does give this some credibility.

This is my favorite one from the "pre-painted" vehicles, I'm not game to even try to paint the very small marines let alone paint chevrons, checks and squad markings.

I did have a shot at painting a couple of Rhino's. I think I may stick to the larger variety though, while  because quite frankly the predators scare me.
Until next time ......



  1. Dude, the Rhino's are pretty sweet, I really like the Transport designations on the top hatches. I'm also really impressed with the exhausts and bolters mate, your line work is getting better and better.

  2. Ahh man, epic marines. how i wish GW would bring back epic to a core game.
    i love seeing these mini's. keep it up man!

  3. @Marsekay, Even if they weren't to bring them back to the core range I would like to see some more support for the "Specialist Games" as a whole or a loosening of their I.P. reigns so third party groups can do something with them.