Monday, 16 January 2012

Behind Enemy Lines T.O's Report.

So the tournaments been run and won, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who participated it was a great way to open the years gaming.

The awards were as follows:

First: Trevor O'Hanlon, Salamanders using SW Codex
Second: Damian Carr, Custom Chapter using BA Codex
Third: Ryan Kerr, Chaos Space Marines
Best Sport: Raymond Everest, Blood Angels
Players Choice: Damian Carr, Custom Chapter using BA Codex (didn't get a pic unfortunately)

Overall things went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, but there a couple of things I can do better for next year.

I was really happy that despite of there being no comp or restrictions most people turned up with well balanced lists, with one brave soul turning up with a Deathwing list.

Sports scores were a bit of an issue while most players quite deservedly received full sports scores, in any future events I run they will be boosted to 10 rather than 5 in order to give a little more variety in the scores and give it a greater weighting to the overall score.

Painting is another area I would like to reward a little more, I will probably boost the score to out of 10 here as well. There were only 3 fully painted army's there plus the bye buster, and I would like to give a greater incentive for people to field painted forces and reward those who put the effort in.

I will try and get a non T.O. bye buster for any future tournaments as well, I just found that I was unable to completely focus on either the game in front of me or the event as a whole. A couple of little things got past me because of this, and I gave away a couple of games because I couldn't give them my full attention.

For all those who attended, I welcome your feedback as it will help make next year even better.

Before I finish up I would like to extend a special thanks to Trev for coming in early to help me set up and for hanging around to help at the end of the day, it was appreciated mate.

Overall I really enjoyed running the event and look forward to running it again next year along with our annual fantasy tournament midyear. I hope to see everyone again next year and maybe a few new faces as well.

I did manage to snap a few pictures through the day, they were taken with my phone which doesn't have an anti shake feature so some are a little off.

And in keeping wit my resolutin to show new work in each post here is a WIP pic on a base for a small side project while I work out which army I want to do some work on.

Until next time .......



  1. Good report mate, I'm glad you took some pics of the tables throughout the day, they did turn out really ace. I'm looking forward to the Fantasy tournament this year. Any idea on the points value?

    1. Thanks, I'm not sure on the point's value, possibly the standard 2400pt but I may mix things up a bit.