Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Quiet After the Storm

After the frenzied lead up to the tournament last week I decided to have a bit of a quiet week hobby wise. I did manage to do some work on a couple of smaller projects. The first of which is a deathwatch marine for an upcoming game of the Deathwatch RPG, I don't know if we need a mini to represent our characters or not but I thought it would be fun to paint one up anyway. The second is a start on a Grey Knights test model.
I did a trade for a large batch of the old metal GK miniatures, the trade included 126 in Power Armour (12 Psycannon, 14 Incinerator, 12 Justicar, 88 Normal) and 45 in Terminator Armour (26Halberd, 15 Sword, 4 Brother Captain with 4 Incinerator and 2 Psycannon mixed in). There were a couple of metal Servo Skulls, a Penitent Psyker, and some Confrontation Miniatures that brings the model count to 198. I think I have some serious painting to do if I am going to keep my painting pledge.
I have started a Vindicare Assassin for a painting challenge on the ANZ Wargamers facebook page. They have a painting challenge every month, this months is for the oldest unpainted miniature in your collection or a conversion. Because of holidays things kicked off a little late so they put the theme to a vote and they came out with a tie and combined Jan/Feb. I have chosen to do the oldest miniature but they wern't specific as to whether it's the production or purchase date, so I went of the miniature where the two combine; Manufacture '95, Purchase '02.
I have only done the body suite so far, I have chosen red so it fits with my GK colour scheme and I'm referencing Deadpool comics for the overall look of the miniature.
pic from wikipedia
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