Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mark: A Ghoulish Good Time

I've started playing a Mordheim campaign through the week, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. So much so in fact I've gone into 100% Mordheim mode, pouring over the rule books, going over my armies too see what I can re-purpose, and building and painting new miniatures (the Ironblaster has once again found the back burner). I very quickly managed to put together an Undead warband. But after 5 games of sliding backwards I took my campaign mulligan, and restarted with a Marienburg warband, and things immediately started looking up. The fact they were multiplayer games so I my fledgling warband wasn't being focused on by a single stronger opponent and, that I had the under dog bonus for two games helped a great deal.Still didn't win a game though.


On the hobby side of things I assembled and painted 5 Ghouls, assembled my starting Marienburg warband plus additions, dug out and cleaned up the paint job on a Pit Fighter I assembled years ago for a Warhammer Quest campaign and started painting my Dark Emersary to use as a Warlock.

Warlock WIP

Pit Fighter

Marienburg WIP
I have a couple of extra miniatures to assemble to add to the Marienburg warband and I'm working on a Vampire that will better represent what I want to use on the table. And I'm thinking about getting one of the new plastic Necromancers as I'm finding that metal miniatures aren't the best choice for a game where you are constantly laying miniatures down and flipping them over on the table.

The Re-purposed Dead
Until Next Time .......


2012 Totals

Miniatures Purchased: 20

Miniatures Gift/Trade: 201

Miniatures Painted: 47

Wood Elf Points: 420

Dark Angels Points: 1245

Circle Points:18

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