Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Scary Things Stalk the Streets of 

Hello all Travis here again, this week ive started my studies, so i have had to get painting in where i could. But thats okay cause ive got some Lizards done, another LotR model and a few games to report.

Mark and i have been playing Mordheim lately and ive been tenderising his Marienburgers with my Lizards. We played a few games with some different objectives but the combination of the Skinks speed and the Saurus' power have made for some tough games for Mark. I did take some shots of the games but they didn't turn out very good I'll have to try harder next time so for now I'll just settle with showing off my Mordheim Lizards.

Moodnuoh Stormcaller, leader of this Expedition

Tetza Hexloq, Totem Warrior and Champion

Natabotl the Hidden Stalker, Skink Chief

Lokboq (Fierce Weapon), Skink Chief

Itzal, Skink Chief

Eninacra Beastmaster, Skink Brave Hero on Gargoloq

Skink Braves with Javelins
Skink Braves with Bows
Saurus Braves, 2 Halberds and a Spear
Narloq my Kroxigor
My warband after 8 games

Ive decided that im going to do at least 1 LotR model a week so here's this weeks

Meriadoc Brandybuck

Heres a WIP shot of something im working on

So thats a few models to keep you going, until next week, keep gaming

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  1. Way too much flash on my Camera, need to work on that.