Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mark: One of those weeks

I know, my fail; it's a cat pic
It's that place, we've all been there, it's painfully frustrating, but we find no reason to leave. It's De-motivation Central, you know that place where you look at the half painted miniatures on your desk and all you can think is "I don't want to". Well I'm there, I have a Dark Emissary that I need to get done before for an online painting challenge I have entered, and the category I put forward for the ANZ wargamers March challenge was selected so I'm guessing I should paint something for it. The suggestion was for something big, like a monster or tank. So I'll paint a tank for my Imperial Guard, I should be able to most of it with the airbrush so it should be a little fun.

Now on to something I have done, I'm still smitten with Mordheim and have managed 8 games this week across 2 different campaigns, with more planned in the next week. I'm finding that a lot of the warbands created after the initial release of Mordheim are a little stronger than the Human Mercenaries I'm running. Lizardmen, Norse Explorers and Beastmen Raiders are all quite a bit tougher, and although it was released with the game Clan Eshin are quite nasty as well. On the plus side after getting your teeth kicked in you quite often come out with an underdog bonus which can give you some stellar hero's and units.

Through the week I've also managed to put together some terrain, but I need some textured paint before I can finish them off. I've also started modeling a Possessed warband and started planing Clan Eshin, Dwarf Treasure Hunters and Shadow Warriors Warbands.

Buildings Front
Building Back
Until next time .......


2012 Totals

Miniatures Purchased: 20

Miniatures Gift/Trade: 201

Miniatures Painted: 47

Wood Elf Points: 420

Dark Angels Points: 1245

Circle Points:18


  1. Whats your Possessed's Name

    1. I think I will go with Dhaphaos, which going by the old Hordes of Chaos army book means Black Soul.

  2. Ahh the good old days when the books had fluff like that