Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Some call me.... Travis

Hi i am a friend of Mark -The Project Circle Blogger. After much discussion we decided to collaborate our efforts into a single blog, as to save space on the Interwebz...

From the message above you can see im a caring guy, i have 1 friend and don't like to waste digital space :)

But to be honest we're here to blog about gaming and modelling, things which i love and have been involved in for more than a decade.

As you might have noticed in Marks posts he has been occupied getting beat-up by a friend in various games. That would be me. I play Mordhiem, Blood Bowl, LotR and Warhammer as well as a few different little games here and there.

Okay with introductions over i move onto my recent modelling and painting.

Here is a model that needs no introduction (if you don't know what it is maybe you shouldn't be here)

You Shall Not Pass!

On to other things here are some snapshots of Mark and i playing Warhammer. Lizards vs Wood Elfs
The Reason Lizards win games

Stegadon mounts the Temple chasing some Dryads

 Okay so that will do for my first post, i plan to post each Wednesday with updates on gaming endeavors. 

I should have some Mordheim lizards to show next week.

Until then remember - Always accept the rolls of the dice as the Will of the Gods (unless you have a Team Re-roll)



  1. I dont know how many people see this but with my help maybe we can jag a few more