Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mark: Project Ultramarines - Introductions

With all the excitement around the release of sixth edition 40k I’ve gone and spent my day looking over the new rules, instead of writing the quality post you deserve and well anything else I was supposed to do today if I’m completely honest.

So once my eyes uncross and my word fu returns I’ll give you a more complete run down of what I’m doing with this new project and why, but for now here’s a quick introduction to Project Ultramarines. In short I’m building, converting, sculpting and, painting an Ultramarines army that I will be donating to my local club Kingaroy Wargamers, to give away. I’m hoping that it will be used as part of a recruitment drive that we will be running over the next couple of months.

I’ll be using the AOBR terminators I painted a while ago as a starting point, from here I have only a couple of guide lines to follow;

  • The completed force needs to be a game legal force of at least 1000 points, but I’m hoping to get something a little closer to 1500 points completed.
  • I can’t purchase any new miniatures for this project; I have to rely on what is donated by the other club members and what I can pull together from my own collection.
  • At bear minimum each miniature needs the Ultramarines icon sculpted onto their relevant shoulder pad, I’ll be doing more if time permits.
  • I have to have all of this finished by Christmas

I’ll be posting my progress of a Saturday as my first regular feature here on the blog, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Until next time …….


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