Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Travis: Return of the Haradrim

Hey all, its been a while. When i started i planned to update every week but that didn't account for Diablo 3.
But now Diablo is out of my system, i played it quite thoroughly and must say i have quite enjoyed going back to Tristam. But i haven't found myself drawn to it for nearly a week which has given me time to sit down and get some stuff painted.

This week ive been building a Mumak for my Harad list, its looking quite awesome and it is a really big model. Here is a pic of it squaring off against an Arachnarok.

 To lead my Harad list ive painted up Suladan as my army general. I'm gonna use him on a horse leading those Haradrim Raiders i started a few weeks ago. Suladan is a Harad king who found the sword of an ancient Harad leader and took it and his title and become the Serpent Lord. In the novels Theoden killed him on the Pelennor fields. In the minis he is a good leader with "lord" level stats.

And to follow the Serpent Lord is some Raiders, they are the cheapest cavalry in the game. They will stand in the way of arrows and probably die against any foe who isn't a Hobbit. But someones gotta stop those insidious Hobbits. Right?

Also a couple of games have been played, but only one of note. Mark and i recreated the Mines of Moria scenario. The game ended in a draw but the Cave Troll managed to kill Legolas, which was a moral victory for the forces of Moria.

Okay on to next weeks endeavor...

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