Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mark: Project Ultramarines #2

I'll be honest I've been doing more than my fair share of procrastinating this week, and combined with the weather making undercoating difficult I didn't get a great deal of painting done this week. So my progress is merely a group of 5 black and blue Marines. I'm planing on getting in a couple solid painting sessions early next week in the hope of getting this batch finished and the next at least started.

I did manage to break intense procrastination for a couple of minutes and get a little more sculpting done early in the week.

Antman donated an AOBR Terminator Squad that he had laying around, so I'll be adding them to the squad I painted in April. I have a spare terminator that came with the AOBR release White Dwarf and a couple of Assault Cannons that I'll be adding to the squad. This will mean that whoever ends up with the the army will be able to have two squads of five or a single squad of ten.

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