Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Travis: Harad Crew

Hello fellow gamers, Travis here with not much to report. I'm back to Uni so I Haven't played any games, I painted a little and saw Spiderman that was my week.

Like i promised I've been working on a Mumak for my Harad army and i might have finished it but my Watcher turned up in the post and the inner child inside took over and i spent nearly a whole day building that. (Which is an awesome model)

So progress on the Mumak travels well, I'm not the kind to show WIP shots so here is a picture of 4 of the Mumak's crew painted and ready to ride.

I decided to use the old Suladan model to represent my Mahud commander, having a strong Harad theme means i have nobody tribal looking and the Mahud Commander would have stood out a little.

Da Crew
 Most LoTR players will tell you a Mumak is not worth its points, but how could you pass it up its so big and powerful, but they all say stuff like one bad courage test will send it scampering in the wrong direction. So to counter that I'm putting a War Horn in the Howdah to give the army +1 Courage and in the Howdah means if he is in combat I've already lost the Mumak. Problem solved right? Anyway the Hornblower is Finecast and the box i got is great all 4 of the Command models are in perfect shape and will look awesome once painted.

Thats is for this week, I'll get stuck into the Mumak at Paint night this week and see how we go.

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