Friday, 13 July 2012

Mark: My First Commission

Trev form over at Triple Helix asked me to sculpt a couple of Space Marine shoulder pads that he could use to represent Omega Marines and Sons of Orar in his Deathwatch army. I'm glad that I'm able to help him out with this slow burn project.

I have fond memories of facing up against his Deathwatch from across the table from as far back as 3rd edition, and I'm looking forward to lining up against them again in the future.

Not much has been happening on other hobby fronts Project Ultramarines, procrastination and indecision have been taking up most of my hobby time of late and of course Queensland's beautiful weather has made it difficult to get anything new undercoated over the last couple of weeks.

A pretty consistent view for a couple of weeks now
 Of course it hasn't all been doom and gloom of late, a small package arrived the other day with some new basing materials and some Army Painter paints. From what little I've used so far I'm really liking the Army Painter paints. I picked up the Soft Tone Ink at the same time, I'm not sure why but I was under the impression that it would make a good Gryphon Sepia replacement, but it seams that I was wrong.

Yeah, just a little off ;)
 While it isn't what I was looking for, it's almost an exact match for the mix I use for turning silver into a base for gold or bronze.

I'm told these guy's are better to face off against as status than Paladins
I did want to try the Army Painter Dark and Strong Tone ink's as well but they were both out of stock when I placed the order.

Until next time .......



  1. Thanks again for the shoulder pads mate. I've already used to to build an Omega Marine and a Son of Orar for my latest unit of Grey Hunters :-). I'll be providing pics soon (I hope)...